About CONNECT Community: CONNECT Community’s goal is to Connect adolescents (10-24) and their caregivers to community resources and opportunities. CONNECT Community promotes positive outcomes for adolescents by providing purposeful learning opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and giving support in multiple areas of life.

Benefits of Volunteering: Impacting lives of youth in rural North Carolina, building relationships with community members, assisting a local nonprofit providing essential programming to youth and families in your community, completion of required volunteer hours for high school/college students and workplace. 

Role of Volunteers for One Time Events: Volunteers who would like to contribute to events on a non-structured, when available schedule.
Tasks may include the following, based on skillsets:

  1. Work registration table- signing in participants. 
  2. Welcome participants and helping participants transition in the event space. 
  3. Help with event set-up (setting up tables, putting up signs, organizing papers or materials, picking up food for events, and more). 
  4. Assist with clean up post-event. 
  5. Work booths for resource fairs, sharing CONNECT Community programs, mission, and goals. 
  6. Carry out other duties associated with event

Role of Regularly Scheduled Volunteers: Volunteers who commit at least 8 hours a month to CONNECT Community
Tasks may include the following, based on skillsets: 

  1. Perform administrative tasks.  
  2. Send thank you letters/make phone calls to donors. 
  3. Prepare for Event(s) - organizing lunches, preparing materials, coordinating logistics, and more.
  4. Answer phone calls and answer inquiries from community. 
  5. Champion for CONNECT Community- advocating and sharing CONNECT Community programs, mission, and goals. 
  6. Assist with development of monthly newsletter and support in building brand recognition of CONNECT Community in Robeson County through distribution of informational resources and social media sharing.  

Requirements for Volunteers 

  1. Must be open to a background check if needed. 
  2. Provide transportation to and from CONNECT Community office or site of volunteer opportunity. 

Volunteer Expectations: 

  1. Must be punctual. 
  2. Consistent with work and complete assigned tasks. 
  3. Regular volunteers— adhere to minimum of 8 hours of service per month.  
  4. Keep stories, information shared, and data of participants confidential. 
  5. Attend at least one volunteer orientation per year. 
  6. Represent CONNECT Community in a positive light while working as a volunteer or wearing CONNECT Community apparel.
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Strategic Partnerships
If you desire a partnership with our organization, contact us here and a member of our team will connect with you in 24-48 hours.
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