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Our commitment to the community is unwavering.

We organize an array of events catering to our members' interests and needs, ranging from workshops for individuals and families to informative seminars and entertaining gatherings. We provide ample opportunities for personal development, skill-building, and family growth and unity. Our community is welcoming and supportive; we invite you to join us on a journey of growth and discovery. We provide access to various support options and services that reduce life's daily stressors, create social connections, and strengthen the family unit. These services include but are not limited to:

Adolescent Programs & Support Groups

Caregiver Programs & Support Groups

Community Events & Programs

Support Systems Trainings and Workshops

(for individuals and groups working with adolescents)

Empowering Programs and Services Currently Provided by CONNECT Community, Inc.


Our flagship program, CONNECT Girls, is a weekly in-school transformative program for girls throughout the academic year. Each participant attends a fifty-minute session during their resource class and follows a meticulously researched curriculum. The program features guest speakers, field trips, bi-monthly family dinners, and a monthly parent/caregiver newsletter. It aims to empower young girls and help them realize their potential.


Our 6-week cohort for adolescents and caregivers is led by licensed professionals, providing coping skills and goal-setting for mental and emotional health. We address Adverse Childhood Experiences and create safety plans to foster healing and resilience in families.


Our team conducts workshops and trainings on ACEs, trauma, brain development, and resilience for groups, churches, organizations, and schools. We use the evidence-informed Connections Matter Curriculum to build more resilient, compassionate, and trauma-informed communities.


01. Empowering First-Year College Students: We take great pride in our partnership with local organizations and our impact on first-year college students. Through providing numerous scholarships, we strive to eliminate obstacles and offer promising young individuals from Robeson and nearby counties the financial and emotional support they need to pursue higher education. Our initiatives are designed to empower these students and secure a brighter future.
02. Nurturing Adolescents: Our organization is committed to equipping early adolescents with the necessary tools and unwavering support to navigate the transformative stages of puberty. Having served over 100 adolescents since our inception, we pride ourselves in providing each adolescent with valuable resources and a safe space to express, empower, and embrace their journey toward adulthood with resilience and self-assurance.
03. Fostering Positive Family Connections: By conducting family support groups centered on various topics, caregivers have reported decreased stress due to social connectedness created and increased positive communication between caregivers and youth. Adolescent participants have said these groups offer a safe space to share their feelings and provide them the tools to build positive relationships with their caregivers.

Through our collaborative partnerships, comprehensive programs, and unwavering dedication to promoting personal growth, we significantly impact the lives of those we serve. Together, we are actively shaping a brighter future for our community by providing transformative experiences, one individual at a time.
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